The radio
By Juvignen FM | 15.04.2016 - 21:43

About the Juvignen FM


The FM Juvignen is a fully independent radio which broadcasts live from Paris (France) free copyleft music in an openness & sharing art spirit. We promote all kind of styles and talents who have made the choice of freedom, that is the choice of an alternative model of cultural spreading.

The music

The Juvignen FM musical playlist is focused on copyleft music talents. We play on air songs composed and produced by independent artists & netlabels who have not submitted their works to collective copyright societies that manage the different rights of literary and artistic property (authors, composers, producers, etc.) applied to the field of music. On the contrary, artists broadcasted on the Juvignen FM submitted their works to free open licenses (e.g. Creative Commons or Free Art License). Musical radio style is mainly composed of jazz, electro jazz, pop, electro, sometimes classic and some other rare but interesting styles (e.g. 8-bit music).

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If your are a musician or a band, you may submit your songs to the Selection Committee by contacting us.


The Juvignen FM broadcasts some programs allowing each citizen to reflect on social issues. We also broadcast debates & ironic or absurd humor shows like the Jean Kessloefrick Show.

The Juvignen FM also promotes some of the best copyleft talents and songs. The radio show TrackOn hosted by Jon promotes our favorite musicians and bands.

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If you want to know more about the Juvignen FM, check out our corporate page (please note that this page is in french).