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Jean Kessloefrick

Jean Kessloefrick

Jean Kessloefrick Show is not only the most emblematic Juvignen FM broadcast but is also undoubtedly the most disturbed show of the french radio landscape. Each program is an event wich is also unlikely senseless.

Opening theme

 Jean Kessloefrick

Opening theme (2016)

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Interview of Jean Kessloefrick

Jean Kessloefrick is a very unusual person: madman or modern times genius, it is not so easy to decide. The Juvignen FM tried to ask him some questions to find out more:

Jean Kessloefrick, who are you?

Hey, just wait a second! What's so urgent that you do not even greet me? Thus, I firstly shall say "hello" to you. Then, my name is Jean Kessloefrick. What's wrong with you boy?

What is the concept of your show?

Concepts are for young little jerks who need mental structure. My show has no concept. I just try not to exceed certain limits because I do not want to be fired.

What else do you do in life?

It's any business of yours.

Do you have a special message for humanity?


When can we listen to your show?

When I want. It is always live broadcasted. Note that my show is only in french because I am too lazy to speak other language. I feel sorry for you.