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The Dead Lines, parisian good vibes

The Dead Lines

The Dead Lines is a band of three good guys gathered around the same passion for music.

Some years ago, three friends decided to share their love for garage rock music and agreed to create a band wich name is The Dead Lines. The Dead Lines musicality is largely influenced by blues and rock style.

Whether regarding the bass guitar, the battery or the voice, the three performers accurately control their artistic instruments showing perfect cohesiveness. Besides musical technical mastery, The Dead Lines succeed, from the very start of their song, to transport us to another world. It is just like if we were travelling the Mother Road 66, with its pioneers freedom-loving bikers on Harley-Davidson. That is precisely the power of their music Let's Go Commander as you may listen and download below:


 Let's go commander

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The Dead Lines not only can be heard but also can be seen on stage. For possible dates of performances, stay tuned on the Juvignen FM and do not hesitate to regularly check their social networks.

If you want to know more about The Dead Lines : SoundCloud - Facebook